The Special ONE

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Designed by:
Joyce Saadeh
Jewelry Design:

The Special ONE is a high end eco-friendly clutch, with customized multi-function jewelry. It is a bag, a necklace, a bracelet and a key chain. You can own a unique piece of luxury while being Fashionably Responsible. The baf is endorsed by Paula Yacoubian for a good cause.

Details about the Special ONE:

  • Chain handle clutch, bag made entirely of inner tire tubes with silk lining.
  • Chain handle can be removed and used as a shocker necklace or a bracelet.
  • Name pendant comes customized with your NAME, incrusted with diamond.
  • The clutch comes accompanied with another longer strap with chain (gold or silver) and rubber, therefore, enabling the bag to be held as cross or on shoulder.
  • Weight of diamond for the custom-made name pendant: 0.93carats.

Designed by Joyce Saadeh in collaboration with Voyageur.Voyageur

  • Jewelry worked at Voyageur Workshop.
  • Bag assembled at VEA™ Workshop.