Vea is relaunching the Reduce Reuse Recycle concept

31st Aug 2015

After the overflowing dumpster crisis witnessed in Lebanon and with the absence of a sustainable long-term solution within reach, Vea has decided to take action through a modest contribution in saving the environment.

Having this intention, and since we believe that change starts at an individual level, we relaunched the Reduce Reuse Recycle concept. Therefore, and to spread the word, we used some social media tools like our Facebook page and Instagram account.

The pillars of our Reduce Reuse Recycle campaign were simple everyday-life eco-friendly tips, which don’t require lots of effort and to which, we do not really pay attention, but if so, may lead to significant change. These tips include waiting for a full load to wash your laundry, carpooling, and a multitude of other ideas.

Nevertheless, the Reduce Reuse Recycle concept is meant to become a lifestyle and not just an occasional act, therefore helping reduce the excess of domestic refuse and saving the limited resources we no longer have the luxury to waste. 

We invite you to follow our tips through Facebook or Instagram.