Vea will be participating in SwitchMed Connect 2015 Barcelona

6th Oct 2015

Turning old tires into fashionable bags, accessories and interiors: Vea Wear is considered as one of the most remarkable green entrepreneurial businesses in Lebanon. By upcycling old tires, Vea is increasing the product lifecycle, reducing the extraction of raw materials and most importantly saving the Environment. Therefore, the CEO of Vea Wear, Patrick el Zoghbi, will be participating in Switchmed 2015, as a change maker working in social and eco innovations in the Mediterranean.

SwitchMed Connect is an annual gathering of stakeholders from the different Mediterranean countries, seeking to build synergies, exchange knowledge and scale up social and eco innovations. This initiative helps in establishing a regulatory framework to drive the sustainable products and services market in the participating countries, and in linking similar initiatives and networks and therefore scaling social and eco innovations.

Protecting the Lebanese environment needs enormous efforts, and by this initiative we have the hope of enticing consumers, other private sector organizations, and NGOs to act in a fashionably and socially responsible manner.