The Tire Swing

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17, 18 or 19" Tire size

The first Swing we did was for the window display at our pop-up store, the attraction, smiles and fun this swing made, motivated us to sell this happy product to any interested customer. A child’s ever Joy and elderly’s remembrance.

Suitable for indoors and outdoors. Could be within an office space, release the tension of days’ work or fitted in a kid’s room entourage.

Made of a Brand new Tire, expired (i.e. the Tire is older than 5 years made, where they lose their rubber high quality performance, where usually are discarded as any used tire, those same tires remain of higher performance need to be used as a swing), the Tire Brands Committed with us are Vredestein and Bridgestone. Tire Size would be 17, 18 or 19” of sizes as per availability.

The wooden seat would be made of used shipping pallets. Laser engraved with quote or name of your choice. Hanged with high quality galvanized steel chain.

The swing set will include a bolts set to enable installation at a ceiling, provided with a chain length for a ceiling height of up to 4m (14ft).

While if intended to be installed outdoors special structure should be prepared beforehand, not included; we can assist in recommendations for this site.