Custom Products

Do you have a design in mind and want it produced by Vea? Do you like one of our products but would like some additions or modifications done to it? For all your custom product designs and ideas, you can come to us and we will work with you to make it happen.

Here are a few example of custom products that we already developed to our beloved customers.

The Doctor’s Bag:

#CSTM-DB 2020

This Vea Doctor’s Bag was custom made, a one piece item, for a doctor not only caring for the health of his patients but who has a heart for our earth, our only planet.

A portable Bag used by medical professional to transport medical supplies and medicine, opened on the top with a split-handle design, and includes many pockets, pouches, and zippered. This case is handmade from a combination of recycled inner tire tubes, making it unique, durable and water resistant.

The Doctor's BagThe Doctor's Bag


The Door Mat:

#CSTM-SS 2100 #CSTM-SS 3000

The Vea Door Mat is weaved from inner rubber tubes, durable and suitable for indoor or outdoors. An elegant design, custom ordered for one of our esteemed clients. Dimensions can be: 40x60cm or 50x80cm

Vea Doormat

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