Our Promise

As a social green business, our promise is centered on contributing in preserving the environment, as well as creating awareness for the same through everything we do. This is reflected in:

  • Minimizing printing as much as possible but when needed, always using recycled paper. 
  • Using recycled carton packaging for our products.
  • Incorporating natural fabrics in our products with minimal introduction of synthetics.
  • Using high quality accessories such as YKK zippers and plastic buckles, as well as bronze and stainless steel handcrafts for our metallic accessories.
  • Focusing our communication strategy on digital, therefore reducing the use of paper, flex, plastic or any similar waste used in market.

We are even measuring our social impact by including a counter on the website displaying how many kilograms of rubber have been saved, therefore, registering our Carbon footprint, and that since we started production! (updated on a monthly basis.)