Product Tips & Care

  1. All our products are made from reclaimed inner tubes. Since each one comes from a different truck, car or bicycle, with a different rubber of a different origin, some have a more noticeable smell than others. The smell is stronger initially and will degrade with time to a negligible, to no smell, stay patient. Like anything aromatic, it will smell stronger in warm weather than it does in cool weather. But same time warm weather and direct exposure to sun help release faster that smell. Fresh air and Air Condition also help speed up the process.
  2. The whitish patina you see developing on your bag comes from a wax that is part of the rubber manufacturing process. This wax is intended to bloom out of the bag to protect the rubber from being degraded by ozone that naturally occurs in our atmosphere. The wax is not harmful. So If kept in the car under sun exposure, the color might slightly lighten. Do not worry about that, as it will come back to its normal shade with time, meantime, giving it an aged look that looks nice. You might get addicted to liking doing it on purpose.
  3. All VEA™ products are thoroughly cleaned at our workshop. Just in case, and like the tires leave some tread marks on a road. Sometimes, they may leave the same marks on light colored clothing. be careful about that. 
  4. Further, you can spot clean your VEA™ product. with a damp cloth, Spray alcohol on a rag and wipe down or using a baby wipe is a great idea. avoid strong petrol base fluids.
  5. The rubber used with VEA™ products has been subject to road heat and pressure, resulting in different patterns, thickness and features. Accordingly, the item you purchase might be slightly different than the one in the pictures, but will always have the same design and aspect. This reinforces our promise that every item is truly unique and has its own story.